Free Force Machining Technology Inc. has been committed to quality since our first year in business. We are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.

  • All inspection equipment is calibrated to ISO 17025 standards

  • 100% tracability of materials maintained at all times

  • Material certificates are included at no charge with every shipment.

  • Committed to providing excellent customer service

  • RoHS and DFARS compliant material will be provided as required.

  • Company policy to purchase North American materials whenever possible



Utilizing only Star CNC Swiss Lathes, Free Force Machining has capabilities of Swiss turning with up to

10-axis of control and to a maximum material size of 1.65" OD (42mm)

  • Tolerances of + /- .0001" (.0025mm)

  • Turned diameters as small as .006" (0.15mm)

  • Drilled holes down to .004" (0.1mm) and up to 30 x diameter

  • Burr free components and ultra fine finishes down to 8 rms.

  • 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining capability


Free Force Machining Technology Inc. strives to build a company that our customers, employees and suppliers can believe in.  Free Force takes great pride in conducting all our business endeavours with honesty and integrity.  We are dedicated to providing customer service excellence and we work to achieve this through:

  • A commitment to the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction with an aim to meet and/or exceed customer expectations with high quality products and on time delivery

  • Endeavouring to ensure that employees perform their duties with confidence and in to the highest standards of our industry

  • Continual improvement and investment in new equipment and employee training